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Jungle Weather Themes

Jungle Weather Themes

Jungle Weather Themes

Adds typical jungle weather patterns for flying over jungle regions such as the Amazon

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Jungles grow along the edges of the many rainforests around the world..  The Amazon Jungle lies right on the equator so it receives a lot of sunlight making the climate very warm and humid.  It also receives a lot of rainfall making the combination of sunlight and water, very beneficial for the vegetation growth in the jungle.  During the day, the temperature can get up to 33°C around mid-afternoon, and at night it cools down to around 18°C.  The cooler temperatures during the night creates a morning mist in the jungle, which throughout the day, transform into rain storm clouds that open up and give the jungle its wet weather.  The mountainous region in the jungle receives the most rainfall.

Some of the best known jungles in the world are:

  • The Amazon Jungle
  • The Congo Jungle
  • Corcavado Jungle

These Twelve Jungle Weather Themes depict as best as possible the different weather patters pilots find as they fly the dangerous green mantle below them and the turbulent skies above.


  • Windows XP with SP3 Vista or WIN 7 (32 or 64 bits), 8, or 10
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX with SP1 and SP2 (or Acceleration Pack),or FSXSE
  • Pentium V/2GHz or similar
  • Minimum 2GB RAM
  • 512MB graphics card
  • 100 MB available hard disk space.