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Bristol Bulldog MK IIA (FSX/P3D)

Bristol Bulldog MK IIA (FSX/P3D)

Bristol Bulldog MK IIA (FSX/P3D)
Bristol Bulldog Mk IIA 1920's Aerobatic Fighter

SIZE (Mb) 1.57 GB
PUBLISHER Aeroplane Heaven (MORE)
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The Bristol Bulldog was a British RAF single-seat biplane fighter designed during the 1920s by the Bristol Aeroplane Company. More than 400 Bulldogs were produced for the RAF and overseas customers and it was one of the most famous aircraft used by the RAF during the inter-war period.

This model is a highly accurate rendition of this famous 'between the wars' aerobatic fighter from the 1930s. The gas-pressurised starting system fitted to the real aircraft is modelled with with complete accuracy. The model is produced in High Definition detail down to the rivets and fabric lacing. Latest-tech PBR materials and textures add a new dimension in realistic effects, including polished alloy, leather, paint and brass.

Many unique animations include working wheel brakes, levers and wires and even the engine valve gear chatters away when the engine is running. You get 12 individual liveries plus a pro quality paint kit so you can add your own schemes. The realistic pilot can be removed and accessories such as oil-drum, oiler and wheel chocks can be added when on the ground. If you run P3D, the entire cockpit is clickable from the exterior view and the complex engine start procedure can be carried out entirely in external view, once the pilot is removed.

Flight dynamics are modelled from real-world test reports and contemporary pilot accounts. It is challenging to fly well. The sounds are sampled from real Bristol Jupiter engine starts and starting animations are highly realistic with prop stutter. The Aeroplane Heaven Bristol Bulldog Mk IIA will give you an excellent, immersive experience of what it was like to fly these amazing aerobatic machines from the 1930s.
  • All-new HD modelling with super detail. All panels, rivets and even the fabric lacing has been reproduced in 3D. Ribbed wings, polished alloy panels and cowlings - it's all there in super detail!
  • 12 authentic period liveries illustrate RAF squadrons of the day and international operators like Sweden and Estonia
  • Highly detailed Bristol Jupiter radial engine complete with working valve gear
  • All rigging, turnbuckles, levers and wires faithfully reproduced
  • Working brake levers, pedals and wires
  • Opening ammunition boxes with detailed ammunition inside
  • Highly accurate, fully modelled machine guns with cocking levers
  • Beautifully rendered interior cockpit with specially designed materials to replicate leather, aluminium and rubber. Control grip and trim wheel covered with 3D cord binding! Correct Sutton harness.
  • Correct gas-pressurised starting has been simulated, together with ignition magnetos and a hand-cranked starting magneto
  • Authentic instrumentation throughout including 'reverse direction' altimeter, boost and gas pressure gauges
  • Animated wind-powered generator on the starboard lower wing
  • Pro quality paintkit lets you add your own choice of liveries
  • Highly realistic animated pilot with animated goggles and oxygen mask (pre-set height activation). Pilot can be removed for external viewing of cockpit detail.
  • Period-correct wheel-chocks and accessories.
  • Additional 'modern' navigation suite and radios which are hidden until required and accessed by a button in the cockpit
  • Accurate and challenging flight dynamics provide an immersive flight experience
  • Authentic stereo soundset with actual sampled Jupiter engine start-up

Technical Requirements:

  • Flight Simulator X (Acceleration, Gold, Steam Edition or SP2 required) or P3D v1/v2/v3/v4
  • 2G  RAM (min.)
  • Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • 900MB hard drive space