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B-1B Lancer (P3D)

B-1B Lancer (P3D)

B-1B Lancer (P3D)

Fly the iconic B-1B long range bomber!

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The Rockwell B-1B "Lancer", affectionately known as the "Bone" to its crews, is a key element of the American Strategic Long Range bomber fleet.  A development of the cancelled B-1A, the aircraft - while not technically stealth capable - still presents a fraction of the radar profile of the B-52 and incorporates extremely advanced navigation, weapons, and avionics systems.  Its swing wing technology, combined with four 30,000-lb thrust turbofan, engines creates a beautiful, fast, and lethal package.  The development of this successor to the B-52 began in the early 1960's and resulted in a contract being awarded to Rockwell in 1970. The B-1A first flew in 1974 but soon ran into political trouble. The project was cancelled in 1977 when only 3 prototypes existed. 1981 saw Ronald Reagan order a fleet of 100 B-1Bs, the last of which were delivered in the early 1990's. Designed for low-level, high speed penetration, the B-1B saw action in the Kosovo conflict and second Gulf War.


  • 3 models spanning the years and 8 faithful paint-schemes:
    • 28th BMS(H), 384th BMW(H), McConnell AFB
    • 46th BMS(H), 319th BMW(H), Grand Forks AFB
    • 37th BMS(H), 28th BMW(H), Ellsworth AFB
    • 128th BS, 116th BW, Robins AFB
    • 34th BS, 366th BW, Mountain Home AFB, Idaho
    • 77th BS, 28th BW, Ellsworth AFB
    • 37th BS, 28th BW, Thumrait AB (Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota)
    • 9th BS, 7th BW, Al Udeid AB (Dyess AFB, Texas)
  • Native P3Dv4.5 model
  • P3D Pro Plus shootable/droppable weapons system, ALCM, JDAM and Mk82 systems
  • nimated rotary launchers
  • Cockpit optimised for VR
  • Authentic virtual cockpit with animations and mousable controls
  • Many custom interior and exterior animations, eg automatic wingsweep on loadup
  • Opening bomb bays with various era-specific payloads
  • Animated afterburner cans with realistic flame effects
  • Cockpit night lighting
  • High-fidelity sounds set from Turbine Sound Studios
  • Custom afterburner rumble sound
  • Many simulated cockpit systems, including the VSD
  • Engine failure and fire modelling
  • Researched and authnetic flight dynamics


  • No 2D panel provided
  • 48-page illustrated user manual in .pdf format
  • FSX version click HERE
  • Steam version click HERE

!! Weapons system only works in P3D Professional Plus version !!


  • P3D v4.5
  • 496MB disk space required

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