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Bellanca Super Viking

Bellanca Super Viking

Bellanca Super Viking

Have you wanted a high performance plane that can do 200 MPH? Are you into American classic planes?

SIZE (Mb) 876
PUBLISHER Lionheart Creations (MORE)
Price: $24.95
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This is the famous American four-seater plane with four seats and high performance that could cruise at 200 MPH. The 300 HP Super Viking had smooth wooden wings and a steel frame fuselage. It could go as fast as 226 MPH and had a range of 800 NM at 75% power and a cruise speed of 186 MPH.

This package comes with eight different paint schemes; four different themes for the interior upholstery; and four different panel colors, ranging from black to gray to tan to khaki. A sophisticated Century III autopilot, GPS-500, and GNS-430 for NAV1 navigation are also part of the package.

There are a lot of 4K textures in this HD High Resolution package. If your computer can barely run Flight Simulator X, you shouldn't use it. This package is for Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator X Steam Edition, Prepar3D V1 through V3 32bit, and Prepar3D V4 64bit.


Below is a link to a manual that you can download. If you buy a Super Viking, make sure to read the manual first so you can find all the cool hidden features.


  • Extreme detail throughout.
  • High Detail Textures up to 4K Resolution with beautiful texture work throughout the package.
  • 8 Paint Schemes.
  • 4 Interior Themes.
  • Cruises at 186 MPH.
  • High Resolution Mesh work with high detail parts.
  • Some paint schemes are less reflective then others, each tuned to its own theme.
  • The Prepar3D Soundpack uses the Carenado Commander 114 sound system.
  • The FSX Soundpack uses the stock Mooney Bravo sound system.
  • Custom clicks and sounds throughout the plane.
  • Custom ATC sound background with 2 versions to choose from.
  • Extremely high detail, high precision Century III autopilot system.
  • Comes with a 2d panel.
  • Features various popup systems of the instrumentation groups.
  • Interiors include leather and cloth variants with some featuring the 1970’s colors, such as lime green.
  • Custom all white paint kit textures are included for the exterior.
  • 2 Popup Placard information plates.
  • Popup Autopilot Guidance Knob tutorial plate.
  • Custom gear animation showing how the Viking raises and lowers one gear at a time.
  • Bootup screens in the GPS screen systems.
  • Vent window functionality
  • 2D Instrument panel



  • FSX, FSX:Steam or P3D v1 - v4