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Tecnam P2010 (P3D v4.5+)

Tecnam P2010 (P3D v4.5+)

Tecnam P2010 (P3D v4.5+)

The Tecnam P2010, a new breed of light GA aircraft!

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Designed by Luigi "Gino" Pascale, Tecnam’s chief designer,to compete with Cessna’s immensely successful C172 “Skyhawk” ,the P2010 first flew in April, 2012. Heralding a new breed of light GA aircraft, the 2010 utilises advanced construction, having an all-composite material fuselage mated to all-metal wings and empennage

Inside, the cabin is all luxury sportscar. Leather seats, slick plastic mouldings everywhere and a simple dashboard-style instrument panel sporting a Garmin 1000 suite of displays and controls. (In our simulation we have also provided an optional “analogue”panel with a broad range of traditional gauges)

Close in performance to the Cessna 182 “Skylane”, the P2010 is a true sports aircraft with a cruising speed close to 140knots. That performance comes from the four-cylinder, Lycoming 180 HP IO-360 engine. There is also an option to have a more powerful IO-390-C3B6 providing 215 hp @ 2,700 rpm, coupled with a 3-bladed MT variable-pitch propeller. Naturally, we have opted for the more powerful powerplant!

Our simulation faithfully reproduces the luxury sportscar feel of the P2010. Latest PBR material techniques mean we can deliver hyper-realistic materials and textures inside including soft leather seating, grained plastic moulding, polished metals and glossy plastics. Realistic carpeting and aerated roof lining complete the picture. Outside you will find the advanced composite material of the fuselage faithfully reproduced. The all-metal wings and tailplanes etc. have the correct flush-rivetted look with “pressure-puffs” across the surfaces. Every nut, bolt and wire has been accurately modelled and you will find a complete, highly detailed Lycoming engine under the lift up nose panel.

We have spent many hours on the flight dynamics to reproduce the performance envelope of the Tecnam as closely as possible. A joy to fly, we can promise you many enjoyable hours whether your bag is point to point or touring your favourite sceneries. There’s a choice of Garmin-equipped or analogue-gauged panels at a flick of a switch (on the fly!) and we have also included Flight1 GTN integration for more advanced navigation, traffic and weather, should you have this software.

We hope you will enjoy the advanced Tecnam P2010 as much as we did building it.


  • Operating system : Windows XP SP3 , Vista , 7, 8, 10
  • Simulator : Prepar3D V4.5 (PBR)  and V5.0 (PBR)
  • Ram : Minimum 2+ GB RAM (free)
  • Hard drive : 2.0 GB
  • Video card : Nvidia 1060 6GB or higher/ Equivalent AMD card