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Bush Trip - The Alps (FSX)

Bush Trip - The Alps (FSX)

Bush Trip - The Alps (FSX)

Fly a bush trip in the Alps!

SIZE (Mb) 140
PUBLISHER PerfectFlight (MORE)
Price: $12.95
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Bush Trip - The Alps (FSX) includes two set of nine Bush Trip missions for the default Beech Baron 58 in two new brand “Perfect Flight” liveries (one for the analogic cockpit, one for the G 1000 glass cockpit version).

Your task is to accompany some hikers on a scenic tour through the Alps. From Zell am See to Courcevel, crossing the Austrian, Swiss, Italian and French Alps.

Flight plans have been designed to offer you the best scenic view of landscapes, across rivers, valley and high peaks.

You will admire the alpine landscapes, rich in rivers and lakes, flying over the snow-covered villages lying on the mountains slopes.

Manage your plane and test your skills by adjusting the mixture, propeller and performing difficult approaches on snowy runway.

Missions include sounds and effects to make your flying experience as realistic as possible.

Product Features:

  • Two new liveries in Perfect Flight colors for the default Beech baron 58 (analogic and glass cockpit)
  • Two set of nine missions each with sounds, effects, briefing, checklists etc.



  • Flight Simulator X (All versions)
  • 400 MB free space