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Trinidad TB21 GT (MSFS)

Trinidad TB21 GT (MSFS)

Trinidad TB21 GT (MSFS)

Take a Test Flight in the Turbo-charged Trinidad!

SIZE (Mb) 945
PUBLISHER Lionheart Creations (MORE)
Price: $24.95
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This is the sleek, high-performance 4-seater from Socata Aerospace in France called "Trinidad." The TB-21 GT, a 250HP Turbocharged Edition of the Trinidad line, was a fast cruiser that could go 200 MPH or more than 180 Knots. Some had oxygen systems built in so that they could fly up to 25,000 feet ASL. She was made with a very high-tech interior, like the Lotus Esprit and Lamborghini Countach of that time, which had "instrument pods" on the instrument panel. Even now, her instrument panel looks more modern than those made by other companies.

  • 22 (TWENTY TWO) Different Paint Schemes!
  • 3 Different Interior Themes: Gray, Tan, Neon Euro Blue
  • Extreme Detail Virtual Cockpit with updated and modified Mesh, Mapping, and Graphics
  • Disappearing control yoke for visibility
  • Extreme high-resolution textures in PBR format complete with bump mapping. 
  • Asobo high end Avionics including their GNS530 and GNS430 GPS systems. 
  • Soundpack is also an Asobo creation with some incredible sound effects that only MSFS sound systems feature which include bumping sounds, performance maneuver 'groans' from the airframe, and other cool effects. 
  • Fold up arm rests 

NOTE 1:This product is for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator MSFS 2020 ONLY.
NOTE 2: This should only be used on high performance computers.  
NOTE 3: The Installer will require MANUAL targeting of your MSFS Community Folder.  You must locate its destination folder.

Build 4.0, released May 14, 20th, 2021
This package has quite a few updates and mods carried out on the interior and instrumentation.  New 3D instruments are now featured, running pure Asobo animation code.  
  • 3D Instruments fitted using Asobo pure coding for enhanced frame rates and realism
  • Instruments now feature on/off lighting control
  • Instruments now feature 'dimming' knob for low light flying at night
  • Cabin lighting system totally revamped with improved overhead spotlights and also blue glow light mode. 
  • Some wear and realism added to the leather and vinyl interiors.  Blue interior color totally revamped for truer color
  • Instrument face panels in Instrument Pods are revamped and more truer to actual panels of Trinidads; less shine, redone graphics, crisper edges
  • Various knobs on instrument panel redone/revamped.  Rudder pedals rebuilt
  • Adjustments to handling and stability below 80 knots
  • Flaps speed and drag performance Mod's for better realism when in descent with full flaps active
  • Retracting exterior foot pedal system restored and active 
  • Park Mode system is now only active on the ground.  For those that liked to deploy wheel chauks while in flight, I am sorry.

Build 3.6, released Feb 20th, 2021


  • Pilot Bug showing the pilots outside of the plane has been rectified
  • New Asobo 3D variable visibility 3D prop discs installed; 2 stages of visibility; fast and slow, sides and front
  • Proper Transponder now functioning featuring King KT76C screen and layout
  • Non-animating Heading knob on panel is now animating properly
  • Small touchups to mesh components throughout the plane 
  • Old reddish dusty interior upgraded to regular gray interior with updates


  • Camera Settings for interior and exterior improved, revamped
  • Weight and CG reset and revamped with rear passengers added
  • Interior lighting modes redone and revamped and improved moderately
  • Two far distance LOD models added for those that use the Trinidad in multi player mode and as AI aircraft
  • Prop blades (still versions) texture is improved
  • Touchups to the new fuselage high resolution bump map (Normal map)
  • Edits to Manual to show new camera systems and lighting functionalities


  • Avionics Switch Not Animating


  • A High End computer that can run MSFS smoothly is most recommended because this package consists of a high amount of 4K resolution textures.  A Strong graphics card with at least 2Gb VRAM, but preferably 4Gb of VRAM and at least 6Gbs of RAM are  required.  You might need to 'relax' settings in the simulator to run this plane in low end computers.
  • You will need to know where your 'Community' folder is in MSFS on your computer.  You will need to direct the installer to your that folder when installing this package.