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LaGuardia Airport (KLGA) MSFS

 LaGuardia Airport (KLGA) MSFS

LaGuardia Airport (KLGA) MSFS

Take a flight to NYC and land at the detailed LaGuardia Airport!

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Welcome to the future! Our scenery's design is based on developments plans for 2023

KLGA is the #1 gateway and third busiest airport serving New York City. LaGuardia Airport is situated in the northern part of the New York.

Among pilots, this airport is referred to as “USS LaGuardia”, due to the runways being short and surrounded by water, thus giving the feel of landing on an aircraft carrier. Therefore a reconstruction plan commenced in 2016 that is completely replacing the existing airport which is scheduled to be completed in 2022.

One of the most interesting facts about the LaGuardia is that an airport named Glen H. Curtiss Airport or North Beach Airport which was built in 1929 existed on the same piece of land where LaGuardia Airport is right now. When the city took over Glen H. Curtiss airport, the airport was renamed as New York Municipal Airport and later on, in 1939 it was known with the name of LaGuardia Airport.

This Airport was also the first-ever airport to use the very first helicopter airline in the United States for carrying passengers around New York City. Earlier the same thing is used as a mail and cargo carrier at LaGuardia Airport.

International flights without border preclearance must use the nearby JFK or Newark airports, as there is no border control facility at the airport. Flights longer than 1,500 miles can’t land at LaGuardia, unless: they come from Denver or fly on Saturdays. This is a real rule.


  • High detail models
  • Custom ground lines and buildings
  • Highly detailed textures
  • Physically Based Rendering (PBR), reflective and realistic textures


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020