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Chicago Midway (KMDW) MSFS

Chicago Midway (KMDW) MSFS

Chicago Midway (KMDW) MSFS

Fly into the iconic Midway International Airport located in Chicago, Illinois

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Midway International Airport (IATA: MDW, ICAO: KMDW, FAA LID: MDW) is a major commercial airport located eight miles (13 kilometers) southwest of the Loop in Chicago, Illinois. Midway International Airport opened in 1927 and was Chicago's primary airport until O'Hare International Airport opened its doors in 1955. Today, Midway is the state's second busiest airport after O'Hare International Airport. Southwest Airlines, a low-cost carrier, currently receives the majority of passengers. Southwest's most important city is Chicago.

More than 95% of the passengers at Midway are served by Southwest Airlines, which has a base there. The current name of the airport is a tribute to the Battle of Midway. For six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor and just a few weeks after a second major naval battle, the Battle of Midway raged in the Pacific Theater of World War II. Admirals Chester W. Nimitz, Frank J. Fletcher, and Raymond A. Spruance of the U.S. Navy defeated an Imperial Japanese Navy attacking fleet near Midway Atoll, inflicting devastating damage on the Japanese fleet. "The most stunning and decisive blow in the history of naval warfare," according to military historian John Keegan. Naval historian Craig Symonds referred to it as "one of the most important naval engagements in world history, ranking alongside Salamis, Trafalgar, and Tsushima Strait."

No, the Midway Airlines that once operated out of the airport did not get its name from the place it served. 55th and 63rd Streets, Central and Cicero Avenues, and 55th and 63rd Avenues form the perimeter of the airfield. On December 31, 2001, the current terminal complex opened its doors. Passenger facilities for international travelers can be found at the 43-gate terminal, which spans Cicero Avenue. The Stevenson Expressway (I-55), which runs parallel to the airport, connects the city of Chicago to the suburbs to the north and the city to the south. Chicago's downtown is served by the CTA Orange Line, which connects to other rapid transit subway and elevated lines.

There are five runways at Chicago Midway International Airport, which has a total area of 650 acres (260 hectares). The landing thresholds of the runways at Midway are shifted to avoid obstructions because the airport is surrounded by buildings and other development. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and airlines maintain a high level of safety by strictly adhering to load limits and other weather minimums. Landing thresholds have been shifted, resulting in shorter runways for landings than for takeoffs. There is a maximum landing distance of 6,059 feet (1,847 m) in the southeast direction and 5,826 feet (1,776 m) in the northwest for 13C/31C, which is the longest runway. The Boeing 757 is usually the largest aircraft at Midway. Runways 4R/22L and 13C/31C are the only ones commonly used by commercial aircraft. It is forbidden for large commercial planes to land on the other runways, unless in an emergency, according to the US FAA Chart Supplement.


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