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Orient Express (MSFS)

Orient Express (MSFS)

Orient Express (MSFS)

This flight replicates one of the most evocative rail routes to create a journey that is both fascinating and slightly retro.

COMPATIBILITY Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
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Replicating one of the most memorable rail lines will kick off your fascinating and slightly retro journey.

From Paris to Istanbul and back, via Strasbourg, Vienna, Munich, Bucharest, and Budapest. Twelve IFR flights were flown by a plush, brand-new King Air 350 sporting a unique Orient Express livery.

In contrast to conventional bush trips, missions can be found in the ACTIVITIES/CUSTOM CONTENT section and work in conjunction with the ATC engine. You'll be able to communicate with Air Traffic Control as a result to mimic actual flight operations.

In this area of instrument flight, put your knowledge and abilities to the test!

Each mission starts with the plane being cold and dark at the gate, giving you full control and responsibility for the intended course.

Product Features:

  • Fleet – The standard Adobo King Air 350 livery now includes Orient Express special colors and textures in ultra-high 8k resolution. You may use the provided plane or any other aircraft in your fleet at your discretion.
  • Missions Pack – In addition to taxi announcements, speed calls, stall and overspeed monitoring and warnings, as well as gear, flaps, and altitude checks, flights (12 IFR) are fully integrated with the ATC system. Fly for hours in a variety of situations and take in a remarkably lifelike flight experience.
  • Custom Settings – You can use the missions with the default settings or alter the time, date, season, and weather. You always have access to checklists and assistance options. The multiplayer feature also lets you fly with your friends virtually.


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