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RAAS Professional (MSFS)

RAAS Professional (MSFS)

RAAS Professional (MSFS)

RAAS adds a simulation of the Honeywell “Runway Awareness and Advisory” system to your Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) aircraft.

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By equipping your aircraft with RAAS, you can make your Microsoft Flight Simulator flights safer and more realistic.

The aural 'Smart Landing' and 'Smart Runway' calls in the real-world Honeywell RAAS unit are modelled in RAAS Professional (Runway Awareness and Advisory System).

By providing audible alerts during taxi, takeoff, final approach, and landing/roll-out operations, these audio calls help pilots improve situational awareness and help reduce the risk of runway incursions and accidents.

In order to improve safety, many real-world airlines have installed RAAS on their planes.

The software is designed for power users who want to model airline-specific options and have complete control over how RAAS works in a flight simulator.

We meticulously studied the Honeywell RAAS manuals and modeled each system in order to achieve the highest level of technical accuracy.

  • Controllable via the MSFS Toolbar.
  • Works with all aircraft in your hangar.
  • Powerful user options give you complete control over RAAS, and allow for complete customization to match you or your Virtual Airline’s specific needs.
  • Create aircraft specific RAAS Profiles for individual aircraft.
  • New feature!  Create, share and import custom Airport Profiles for ‘encrypted airports’.


  • RAAS is currently unable to directly read runway data from airports whose data is “encrypted” and therefore not read-able by 3rd parties.  However, in a recent update, we added a new Airport Runway Profile Tool that allows users to create, share and import user created runway profiles whose data cannot be otherwise read directly.  This allows RAAS to function at encrypted airports!


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)
  • Windows 10 or 11 -64 Bit with latest updates
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later
  • Active Internet connection