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Legacy of the Sky: Hurricane Fighters Of WWII

Legacy of the Sky: Hurricane Fighters Of WWII

Legacy of the Sky: Hurricane Fighters Of WWII

Mk.I, Mk.Ia, Mk.IIa, Mk.IIb, Mk.IIc, Mk.IId and Tropical versions of the Hawker Hurricane for FS2004/FSX

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The Hawker Hurricane is a classic example of an overlooked hero. Few would say that the Hurricane won the war. Names such as Spitfire, Mustang, and Fortress fall into that discussion. However, this forgotten savior bore the brunt of the first few years of the war. Without it, the Battle of Britain would have surely been lost, and more advanced Allied fighters may have never seen the skies over England. The Hurricane was the most widely used fighter during the first two years of the war. In 1940 the Hurricane alone, accounted for half of the Allied aerial victories over Great Britain. Although the fighter was somewhat dated when the war started, it carriers a legacy of achievement and innovation even today.

The Hurricane was one of the first monoplane fighters to enter service with Great Britain. In addition, it was the first British fighter to exceed 300mph, one of the first with retractable landing gear, and the first to carry 8 machine guns. The Hurricane served on over 17 fronts of conflict, and was in production throughout the entire duration of the war. The most produced variants were the Mk.II's, in which approximately 7,300 were built. SkyUnlimited has developed each service variant of the Mk.II series as well as the earlier Mk.I's with the utmost consideration towards detail and realism.


  • 9 Highly detailed exterior models of the Hurricane ranging from the Mk.I through Mk.IID including Tropical Versions
  • Beautifully rendered Virtual Cockpits by Brandon Toomey that are fully animated and labeled
  • 20 stunning paint schemes by John Terrell featuring many nationalities
  • "By the Book" flight dynamics built with the latest in airfile design technology by the acclaimed Jerry Beckwith
  • Custom FS2004 RAF airfield scenery created by William Ortis, Lionheart Creations Ltd.
  • Highly Detailed Panel by Jesse Lambert
  • Exhaust effects, droppable drop tanks, machine gun effects, and contrail effects
  • Custom Gauges by the acclaimed Robert Sanderson
  • Custom Gun Effects for FSX and Fs2004 by Rob Barendregt and Douglas Dawson
  • Brand new detailed Merlin Engine can be viewed
  • Custom Sound sets created by authentic recordings of the Merlin engines, with unique recordings inside and outside of the aircraft
  • Original .PDF Flight Manual included, as well as an appropriate checklist for in-flight

The FSX installation included in this package was a free expansion for our FS2004 customers. The FSX models however are FS2004 port-overs and may contain some visibility issues in FSX. The most common issue experienced is the propeller texture disappearing behind clouds. This only applies to the FSX installation and is not present in the FS2004 versions.