Glasair III

Glasair III

Glasair III

Fly The GlassAir III with Microsoft Flight Simulator X and 2004

SIZE (Mb) 85.4
PUBLISHER Australian Simulation (MORE)
Price: $24.95
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Modeled in stunning detail inside and out, this package offers virtual pilots the chance to fly one of the world's highest performance single engine aircraft. Fast, agile and with advanced avionics and instrumentation, this aircraft will test the skills of novice and experienced aviators alike.

Modeled in 3D Studio max 7, the level of detail achieved for the external model and virtual cockpit is outstanding. The interior model also features new virtual head latency to really put you in the pilot's seat!

It can be flown completely from Virtual Cockpit or 2D panel, day or night, and the virtual cockpit features new smooth gauge technology , gauges so smooth that you'll wonder why every aircraft isn't developed in this way.

The package also features a complete stereo sound set, accurate flight dynamics, and detailed documentation – nothing has been left out!

Also included in this package is Australian Simulation's renowned Aircraft Control Panel software, which allows you to customize your aircraft right down to the gender of your pilot and passenger and more!

The feature list is long, but here are the highlights:

  • FS-X and FS2004 versions
  • Detailed 3D model (interior & exterior)
  • Accurate flight dynamics (tested by real Glasair owners/builders)
  • Stereo sound set
  • 2 Liveries (more free skins coming...)
  • Complex avionics
  • Including twin Garmin GNS-430 GPS/COM/NAV units, Sandel SN3308 eHSI and VM1000 Engine Management System.
  • Virtual Head Latency
  • Experience the forces of flight with the "VHL" system.
  • Completely controllable from within the simulator, or from the ACP software.
  • Dynamic occupants and cargo
  • Set Male, Female pilots with varying hair and skin colour. Weight in baggage hold affects visibility of items within. Smooth Gauge Technology
  • Every analogue gauge in the VC has been animated using our unique "keyframeless" system to provide the smoothest gauge motion we've ever seen.
  • Aircraft Control Panel Software. Our renowned ACP has been included with the package allowing you to customise every aspect of the Glasair III. From adjusting on board weight, to setting the gender and appearance of the occupants. Also features the "Add textures" options to easily add, edit and view your skins.

This download gives you 2 separate versions in the one download. One for FSX and one for FS2004. So you get double the value for your money