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Mil Mi-24 Helicopter

Mil Mi-24 Helicopter

Mil Mi-24 Helicopter

The Mil Mi-24 Helicopter For FS2004

SIZE (Mb) 61.3
PUBLISHER Nemeth Designs (MORE)
Price: $32.95
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The well known Mi-24 is an attack/low capacity transport helicopter which was developed by the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant in the late 70s in the former Soviet Union. Mostly used by the Russian Air Force but many were exported to the former soviet bloc countries and to the Middle-East. It became famous in the Afganistan war but serves in other important confilcts such as the Iran-Iraq War (against iranian Cobras), Nicaraguan Civil War and the Gulf-War.

It is based on the Mi-8 but got a newer and more powerful engines, improved avionics systems and stronger fuselage structure. Many variations exist according to the wide operation range. Its heavy air-to-ground armament carrying capability makes it a very successful anti-tank helicopter but it also can carry air-to-air missilles.


  • This addon represents the "P" (anti-tank) version.
  • Three variants with 2-2 repaints for each - long range, empty, armed (different flight dynamics and payload for each).
  • Detailed exterior and interior models (pilot cockpit, weapon operator cockpit, cabin).
  • Lite versions included for all variants for slower PCs (no WO cockpit, no cabin).
  • Model lights.
  • Custom animations on the exterior and interior models.
  • Realistic night cockpit lighting.
  • Fully clickable dynamic virtual cockpit. Perfectly flyable from the VC.
  • Every functions are reachable from 2D panels.
  • 3D instruments.
  • Based on original plueprints, documentations and aid of real Mi-24 crew (thanks to Blue Sky Virtual Flight Club)
  • Tested by real Mi-24 crew.