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MegaScenery USA: Washington DC, Baltimore, Mid Atlantic Region (FS2004)

MegaScenery USA: Washington DC, Baltimore, Mid Atlantic Region (FS2004)

MegaScenery USA: Washington DC, Baltimore, Mid Atlantic Region (FS2004)

Soar the Flight Simulator 2004 Skies above Washington DC, Baltimore & 22,000 Square Miles of Surrounding Area

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MegaScenery Volume 5: MID ATLANTIC puts you in the Flight Simulator skies above a massive expanse of the Mid Atlantic Region of the USA including the nation's capital, Washington DC, Baltimore, Richmond, Northern Virginia, most of the state of Maryland, Chesapeake Bay and more.

This busy and picturesque area includes the 3 busy airports that service DC within 40 miles of each other - Washington Dulles International (IAD), Ronald Reagan Washington National (DCA) and Baltimore/Washington International (BWI) - together handling about 4000 movements per day and all surrounded by MegaCITY quality imagery for a contiguous 5000 square miles of area including and conjoining Washington DC and Baltimore and the highly detailed shoreline of western Chesapeake Bay including Annapolis capital of Maryland.

The remaining 17,000 square miles of rural area are recreated from satellite imagery and capture all of the sights of the Mid Atlantic region with the longest distance in the area being a long (by photo-scenery standards) 230 nautical miles.

  • Not one but TWO busy mega-cities recreated from MegaCity 2 foot per pixel resolution source aerial photography - Washington DC & Baltimore
  • We're now using high quality aerial photos from the world's leading aerial photography provider AirPhotoUSA. Image quality on this title is the clearest and crispest yet!
  • New and improved WinterScene scenery for more realistic snow effects
  • Further improved autogen scenery
  • Thousands of miles of hand etched - pixel-by-pixel - shorelines in Chesapeake Bay for highly accurate coastlines
  • Extensive PDF Documentation Comes With PRINTABLE Electronic PDF versions of a 250 product manual and chart booklet with Instrument Approach Charts, SIDS, STARS and Airport Diagrams
  • Extensive PDF Documentation PDF full color Washington Section, Baltimore-Washington Terminal Area Chart, VFR Flyway Planning Chart
  • 22,000 square miles of photo-scenery - 5,000 from aerial photographs and 17,000 from satellite imagery
  • 210 X 110 mile area - 230 mile longest flight.
  • 4 Sceneries products in one - Day Scenery, Night Scenery, Winter Scenery and MegaCity scenery.
  • Some highlights include:
    • 3 big cities - Washington DC, Baltimore, Richmond (VA)
    • Chesapeake Bay - intricately detailed coastline
    • Potomac River
    • Annapolis (capital of MD)
    • Andrews Air Force Base
    • BUSY I-95 and dozens of other major highways and interchanges - see traffic on these interstates
    • Everything else in the area - just as it looks in real life

This title will install with Flight Simulator X using the automatic installer available from http://www.megascenery.com/megafsx.htm