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WACO F and F-2

WACO F and F-2

WACO F and F-2

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Golden Age Simulations is proud to present the WACO F and F-2 for FS9 and FSX*. Our simulations brings to the simulator community three distinct models representing one of the most popular aircraft designs of the Golden Age: the Kinner B-5 powered INF, the sporty Warner Scarab RNF and the Continental powered GCF-2.

As certified by ATC # 311 on April 7, 1930, the RNF was a typical example of three seat open biplanes that dominated the market at the time. It looked like what it was, a scaled down version of the Waco Ten series. Although in reality it was only about 5.5% smaller and 6.5% lighter than the Ten, the RNF with a 110 horse power Warner Scarab engine managed to out perform the earlier plane by a margin of at least 10% in every aspect while at the same time delivering reduced operating costs and with a significant improvement in reliability. The plane was an instant hit and its popularity only increased when a later certificate revision allowed the installation of the upgraded 125 horse power Scarab.

Within days, in an attempt to produce an even more economical variation, the company certified the Waco KNF, same airframe with a 100 horse power Kinner K-5, and before the summer was over the INF, powered by the 125 horse power Kinner B-5, joined the team.


In the spring of 1931, with the F series selling nicely, Waco decided to introduce an upgraded model aimed at specifically at the sportsman pilot. Keeping the same general dimensions as the Fs, the new plane had a new wing with metal ailerons, increased fuel capacity, a slightly more rounded fuselage, a new landing gear, and the new 165 horse power Continental A-70-2 seven cylinder air cooled radial engine. The result was designated the Waco QCF-2 and on April 9, 1931 it was awarded Approved Type Certificate number 416.

Although economic conditions continued to worsen and sales prospects might have seemed a bit dicey, 31 QCF-2s were delivered (along with three additional PCF-2s, the same airplane with a 170 hp Jacobs LA-1 engine replacing the Continental) before production ceased the following year. The first example went to Continental Motors where it served as a flying test bed and promotional vehicle, and the last one went to a Mr. “Tex” LaGrone, a prominent flier of the day who appears to have used it for his personal transportation. It must be assumed that the others were put to similar duties, and however they were used, they held up well. As of today, 28 of these planes are registered as either actively flying or in the restoration process.

Our package although designed for FS9 is fully compatible with FSX* and has been extensively tested in both FSX SP1 and SP2 Accelerated. Installers for both FS9 and FSX are included.

*Known FSX Issues: at very high autogen settings and cloud density, minor interference with prop alpha textures; the aircraft kneeboard does not support graphics. This in no way affects the performance of the model.

This model is not intended for use DirectX 10 The model is designed to flown from the VC Cockpit. Exploring the VC with the mouse will reveal the various hot points. All controls are animated, including toe brakes.