Citation Pilot

Citation Pilot

Citation Pilot

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This is an addon for Cessna Citation X:

Citation Pilot for the Eaglesoft Citation business jet or the FeelThere CitationX adds six adventure flights for the Citation pilot. A series of six missions begins in Kelowna, BC, Canada and continues to the coast and then southward, ending up at SanLuis Obispo.

As Cessna puts it, "Paramount cabin luxury, simplicity of flight and outstanding performance are just a few hereditary traits of the Citation family of midsize business jets. Today's evolving line of Citations is the world's most proven, most popular and most trusted fleet of business jets." First produced in 1997, the Citation X was the first aircraft owned by Arnold Palmer.

With outstanding performance, the aircraft has a ceiling of approximately 45,000 feet and a range of 3000 nm. It is powered by two Rolls-Royce AE3007C1 engines and the Avionics suite is supplied by Honeywell Primus 2000. And it's FAST at approximately, 525 knots, or approximately 605 miles per hour (mach .92).

Now Combat Planes brings your Citation experience to life. Your virtual first officer handles the communications as you receive your departure clearance at CYLW in Kelowna, BC. You are carrying corporate passengers to the coast in style.

After you reach your destination you are scheduled to continue south to Seattle, picking up passengers for Portland. In a variety of weather conditions you face predictable and unpredictable challenges to keeping on time and on track.

Portland is nearly midway on your journey south. Next you head for Eugene, picking up passengers for Medford. A fault grounds your aircraft for a day or two, but the company has two so you can start bright and early.

Now the weather is clear and sunny, and you continue south to Oakland, this time a high altitude transit at 42,000 feet. Then its southeast to Merced and Mammoth Lakes. Coming down over the Caldera, you land late in the evening and kick back until morning.

The following day is no rest for a working pilot, and after checking the weather you are off to Bakersfield. You have to pay special attention to a VIP here, and then to the coast and SanLuis Obispo. With six flights and a few choices along the way, your flight plan is filed and the engines are warm: are you ready to fly?

System Requirements
Any computer flying FSX with the Feelthere Citation X may fly this mission set. You must have either SP2 or Acceleration installed. You can order the CitationX here: