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Ultimate Water Advanced

Ultimate Water Advanced

Ultimate Water Advanced

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Get ready for a brand new experience in Flight Simulator!

Ultimate Water Advanced will take your FS2004 to a whole new level of realism. Oceans, lakes, and rivers come to life unlike never seen before! You will see a dramatic improvement to the overall look of the simulator. This is not just a rehash or an updated version of Ultimate Water FX. This is a brand new version built from the ground up featuring brand new water textures and effects.

Not only are these effects new but also more advanced than ever before. Several improvements have also been made including making the water textures even more detailed than the previous version. The color and brightness of the water has also been adjusted so that oceans, lakes and rivers look as real as possible.

We can confidently say that these are the most realistic and detailed water effects ever created for FS2004.Best of all, frame rate friendly! That's right; these water effects have been designed with performance in mind to give you the best possible quality without hindering performance.

All you need to run these water effects is a Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 compliant video card. In fact, chances are that you already have one installed in your PC so you are already set! Aside from that, there are no additional requirements in order to run these water effects at max detail.

List of Features:

  • Oceans, lakes, rivers, and seas come to life in FS2004 unlike never before!
  • Choose between realistic or photorealistic water effects.
  • Two whole sets of detailed water textures. That's 120 new water textures in total!
  • The most advanced water effects ever created for FS2004.
  • New and more detailed ocean wave animations.
  • Water effects change depending on weather and time of day.
  • Breathtaking water effects for day time, sunrise, sunset, and night time.
  • Incredible water detail when flying up-close to the water.
  • Frame rate friendly!

IMPORTANT: This addon is for Flight Simulator 2004 (A Century of Flight). This will NOT work on Flight Simulator X.