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Drifter 582 Ultralight

Drifter 582 Ultralight

Drifter 582 Ultralight

Ant's Airplanes Drifter for FSX

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PUBLISHER Ant's Airplanes (MORE)
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The Drifter 582 ultralight is a two seat, wire braced, tail dragger aircraft and represents the ultimate plane for low and slow flying in FSX, FSX:Steam, and P3D. The Austflight Drifter is an extensively modified version of the original Maxair Drifter and since the early 1980’s approximately 500 have been built. A Brolga 4 blade prop is powered by a Rotax 582 engine which is mounted behind the pilot and passenger and allows the aircraft to cruise at around 65kts and provides excellent short field performance.

The aircraft has a high Dacron covered wing and the pilot sits in front of the passenger ahead of the wing thus providing an excellent field of view. If you've spent some money on some nice scenery recently then this is the perfect aircraft to see it.

This particular aircraft is a virtual nuts and bolts recreation of the real world aircraft 25-455 and includes the following features:

  • Smooth 3D gauges
  • Custom made radio and GPS units
  • Incredibly detailed model
  • Wheeled version plus Float plane version
  • Bump and specular mapped textures
  • 13 paint variations in total
  • Paint variations included with user settable registration numbers
  • Genuine engine sounds
  • Stall buffet effect
  • Animations for tiedowns, pitot covers and wheel chocks
  • Animated pilot and passenger models which can be displayed or hidden
  • In game Animation manager to control animations
  • Separate Setup Program to manage preferences and load settings

 Minimum System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2, Acceleration or Gold, FSX:Steam edition, PrePar3d V1 - v4