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The Piper Malibu Meridian

The Piper Malibu Meridian

The Piper Malibu Meridian

The Piper Malibu Meridian (Video)

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DURATION 50 Minutes
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The Flight

Experience a ride in the Piper Meridian from Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington to Bellingham International. Watch and listen as the pilot completes the pre-start checklist, then brings this 500 HP turbine powered aircraft to life. You follow each step as the detailed flight plan is entered into the aircraft's integrated avionics in preparation for flight. After receiving clearance for takeoff, the pilot takes the aircraft to its assigned altitude where you are treated to spectacular views of Washington 's vast Puget Sound and its many islands.

Throughout the flight, you listen as the busy air traffic controllers safely coordinate the aircraft in your area. As the pilot is cleared for approach, you follow the aircraft's progress as it's represented on the GPS moving map display. Then, low on short final, you watch as the tower unexpectedly asks the pilot to execute a 360-degree turn for spacing. Once established back on final, the pilot brings the aircraft in for a perfect landing and taxies in to complete the shutdown procedures.

 The Piper Meridian

The Meridian is one of the most technology advanced single-engine turboprop aircraft in its class. The Meridian offers unparalleled simplicity of operation to its pilots and luxurious pressurized cabin comfort to its passengers. The Meridian cruises at more than 300 miles per hour and is certified to 30,000 feet.

The Meridian first flew in August 1998 and was certified by the FAA on September 20, 2000.

This Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6-powered derivative of the Malibu Mirage has a 500 shp PT6A turboprop engine (flat-rated from 1,076 shp thermodynamic) and the Meggitt Avionics' MAGIC™ suite of electronic, solid state cockpit instruments.

MAGIC provides the pilot with one primary electronic flight display instead of three conventional mechanical instruments. One electronic engine display replaces four conventional mechanical instruments, and a complementary solid state digital air data attitude heading reference system increases reliability, improves data display and reduces pilot workload.

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