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FTX - Jefferson County International Airport (OS9)

FTX - Jefferson County International Airport (OS9)

FTX - Jefferson County International Airport (OS9)

Weight 0.31 lbs
PUBLISHER Orbx Simulation Systems (MORE)
Regular Price: $29.95
Price: $17.97

NOTE: This is an Orbx FTX airport, and as such a copy of Orbx FTX NA BLUE Pacific Northwest must be installed prior to use.

Burgers At The Spruce Goose Cafe.

This airport is well known in the PNW pilot community as the home of the Spruce Goose Cafe, one of the the best spots around for a $100 hamburger; or better yet, one of their legendary slices of pie! Also located on the field is the Port Townsend Aero Museum (home to a wide variety of classic GA aircraft), Tailspin Tommy's maintenance shop, and a multitude of hangars built over the last 70 years - each with its own unique character.

In fact, that's what makes J-Co (as the locals call it) so special: it's character. This is an airport absolutely brimming with personality; where classic aircraft are the rule instead of the exception, hangar stories are still told with gusto, and the mystique of aviation hangs heavy in the air. It is a pilot's airport - the place to go for fly-in BBQs in the summer, a warm cup of clam chowder in the winter, and at all times, a place to meet friendly folks who share your passion for aviation. You will not be disappointed in 0S9!

  • Ground imagery at 30cm per pixel
  • Fully custom modeled airport and houses
  • FSX gmax poly runway, aprons and lights
  • Beautiful coastal location
  • Includes all the new Orbx "Flow" technology
  • Includes Indian Island Naval Reserve
  • Expert 5 seasons color matched imagery
  • Beautifully modelled static aircraft
  • Includes custom GA AI Traffic movements
  • Directly opposite 2WA1 Diamond Point
  • Expert 5 seasons color matched imagery
  • By Scott Armstrong and Heiko Glatthorn