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Ryan PT22X with BONUS Phenick Field Scenery

Ryan PT22X with BONUS Phenick Field Scenery

Ryan PT22X with BONUS Phenick Field Scenery

Ryan PT22X

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The PT 22 package contains three distinct aircraft, the Ryan PT 22 trainer and two 220 Continental powered modifications, the Super Ryan owned by Rick Hamlin of Wellington, KS and the Stunt Ryan of Bill “Pappy” Kobelt of Wallkill, NY. We are extremely proud to have partnered with Lars Pinkenburg of Twenty-nine Palms Scenery Design who has re-created Bill Lyon’s Phenick Field for FSX, included in this package. 


5 liveries and three cockpit schemes are provided.  The virtual cockpit can be flown from either the rear or front cockpit and all controls are fully animated and may be activated by left or right mouse clicks or programmed to the keyboard.  For those that desire it, a 2D panel is provided.  To use it select that function in the FSX options menu.  The cockpit panel design is a combination of many examples researched in an effort to accurately represent the aircraft type.  Special consideration was made for the simulator pilot by providing certain gauges that were not typical for the military trainer but have since been added to the panel of contemporary versions flying today.  A Nav/Comm radio and GPS are available by activating that function utilizing Simcons hidden in the aircraft document folder found on the right side of the rear cockpit.  Left mouse click slides the front panel away revealing the Simcons.

220 Continental PT-22 Conversion

Two versions of this modification with 3 liveries are provided.  Research into this unusual version of the PT-22 indicates that there were 4 made during the post-war years although only three registration numbers have been identified.  N 58729, built in 1941, C/N 1277 it flew until 1955. In 1961, Mark Hoskins redesigned the airframe to accept a larger engine from a Stearman biplane which doubled the horsepower. He flew it until 1998, when Chuck Hamm bought it and flew it around the Portland, OR area until 2000. Jason Ball fell in love with the airplane and purchased it from Mr. Hamm but never got the opportunity to fly the aircraft. The Ryan sat in a hanger until October of 2006; it was then purchased by Richard Hamlin of Wellington, KS. Rick actively flies the aircraft in airshows and fly-ins.  It has been documented in at least two different paint schemes.  Both of these paint schemes have been provided in the package. 

The second version, the “Stunt Ryan” was modified by airport owner and Agro pilot, Bill “Pappy” Kobelt and was featured on the cover of the July 1962 edition of American Modeler.  It’s gaudy, circus wagon type; paint scheme has been accurately recreated.  Designated S/N N11X, built in 1941, C/N 1418 the aircraft remains active in the FAA data base and is located in the Lexington KY region. 

Phenick Field

Inspired by Bill Lyons Phenick Field scenery package released for FS 2004, Golden Age Simulations has partnered with Twenty-nine Palms Scenery http://twentynine-palms.de to re-create this field for FSX.  It’s been re-booted to reflect a civilian flight academy contracted to the Army Flight Training Command circa 1940.  It features a scenery manager program that allows for customization of scenery detail to match any systems specifications and video cards, high resolution textures, animated characters and vehicles, three season variations, and a fly through barn to test your skills. 

Demonstration Videos

PT 22 History and Demo Video

A Day at Phenick Field

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