Boeing 737-800

Boeing 737-800

Boeing 737-800

Boeing 737-800

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Four Aircraft - Flight Deck - Sound - Synchresis and Effects Packages

New Features

New - 4 Aircraft in Base Pack - Classic and New Version.
New Exterior and Interior 800 Model with Galley.
New Unique, Three-Part Flight FDx.
New Flight Deck Arrangement and detailing.
New Interior Lighting Arrangements and sounds.
New Multiple Views (all access. from Flight Deck).
(Captain, FO, FWD OH, AFt Elec. Jump Seat & Galley viewpoints).
New Wing and Cam Views
(2 wing FWD, 2 wing AFT, 2 Eng Views, FWD Nose and Gear Views).
New Engine Variants (4 different engine types possible).
New Comprehensive Airline Expansion Packs (Separate Purchases).
New Synchresis II Sound Effects Package with over 1500 sound assigns.
New Advanced FMS Logic and highly advanced and evolved FMC.

AIRCRAFT: Software Version X2.
Classic Version Aircraft features non-winglets, uses Honeywell MCP and features overhead eyebrow window type nose modeling. Advanced New Version Aircraft features blended winglets, uses Collins MCP and features non eyebrow window type nose modeling. Comprehensive, Scale-Accurate Aircraft with over 230 enhanced animations & effects and fast, frame-rate performance in FSX (sample rate: 16-23 P4 to 34-46 fps average=dual core models and over 50 FPS on faster machines) - Source: PQ4 Systems). Leading Software Aircraft Design with shape approved to Boeing spec. and plans. with optimised poly points and logic engine for fast frame rate performance.

FLIGHT DECK: Software Version X2 Advanced Logic.
3d-modeled Scale-Accurate familiarisation-level & procedural-level Virtual & Interactive Flight Deck with over 750 working events and calls and working controls system linked to logical cross referencing, system modules.

FMC - over 40 pages of comprehensive data ability.
FMCS - advanced logical control of the flight deck environemtn.
MCP - Designed and Built to Boeing CBT Spec at an all-working level.
IRS - Fully working IRS System with manual set ability.
PFD - Adjustable Displays with management and user-adjust logic control.

SYNCHRESIS FLIGHT DECK TECHNOLOGY: Over 750 multiple and working, sound-equipped, 3d-modeled VC systems and layouts, switches, events, knobs buttons and push systems and flip covers etc.

FLIGHT MODEL: Aircraft FDx: 3 part, FDx Flight Model Technology developed from approved statistical and tabular Boeing Data and designed to emulate the accurate Boeing 737 handling envelope. World Famous Aircraft FDx Flight Model Technology ensures optimum flight envelope of flight within required Boeing performance minima as endorsed by leading Boeing 737 and training pilots as well as Boeing 737 home cockpit fans around the world.

ADVANCED CFM567b SOUND & FDx PACKAGE: Sound recorded both on board in the flight deck area and outside the exterior of the Boeing 737 aircraft from different spatial points from engine nexus to blast safe areas across CMI CFM engine variant range using sophisticated, advanced recording equipment and mixing and editing (high-level, professional, 44hz min. spec. mixed output compressed for smaller footprint and to optimise FSX sound engine and command).

The engine sounds on this model produce an exceptionally realistic and high quality, stereo-processed, full sound - the quality sound of choice for home cockpit builders worldwide.

LIVERY OPTIONS: The most comprehensive world packs produced for international flight routing are available as separate purchases. The following airlines are included in the following Airline Packages:

Airline Pack Special Edition

Air Berlin (Germany)
Air One (Italy)
British Airways (UK)
Brittania (Spain)
Continental (USA)
Kenya (Africa)
KLM (Holland)
Qantas (Australias).

Airline Pack 1

Aeromexico - EI-DRA - (South America) - newer scheme
Air Algerie - 7T-VJJ- (Algeria) - current scheme
Air Berlin - D-ABBB -  (Germany) - old scheme
Air China - B-2161 - (China) current scheme
Air Europa - EC-ISE - (Spain) Ibiza scheme

Note: Liveries are available as separate packs.

MANUALS: Installation, Flight Reference Guide & Quick Start & Flight Training Guide to take pilots from ramp starts to complete flight routing on PDF (non printable versions included - please purchase printed manuals if required).

PRINTED MANUALS: Available at special rates from Boeing 737-OPS section as bound or wrapped in drilled blocks with additional charts and checklists included.
(Note there are a number of additional pages in the printed versions that will not be given or included with the non-print PDF in the product).