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AFS Design Boeing 787 Dreamliner

AFS Design Boeing 787 Dreamliner

AFS Design Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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One of the few Boeing 787 models currently available for FSX...

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a twin-engine long-range airliner and is designed for 200 to 300 passengers. The Boeing 787 is one of the most fuel-efficient aircraft in the world and the first large commercial aircraft primarily made from the composite materials. The B787 is designed to burn up to 20% less fuel per seat than the Boeing 767. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has an electronic control system (fly by wire), a four-piece windshield, noise-reducing chevrons on the engines, and a smoother nose contour.


  • All models are for FSX
  • Detailed external and internal model
  • Animations in the external model:
    • Flaps, slats, spoilers.
    • Three cabin doors and two hatches
    • Gear
  • Extensive lighting effects of windows
  • Exterior lighting:
    • Beacon
    • Strobes
    • Nav
    • Landing
    • Taxi- Lights
  • Virtual Cockpit: panel light, window reflections, highly detailed, including avionics for radio navigation
  • FMC ( Flight Managment Computer )
  • GPS ( Global Positioning System )
  • Engine thrust reverser including animation
  • Realistic flight dynamics
  • All models with ATC-ID sign

Exterior models

  • New textures (1024*1024) with specular shine
  • Night lighting and Alpha technology
  • Gangway stairs and Logo Light.

The Cockpit

  • Five multi-function displays
  • Center console with FMC
  • Radio display with transponders
  • Ttrim and engine thrust lever control
  • Yoke with controllable switches
  • Upper panel with about 100 real deposited switches
  • Seatbelt" and "No Smoking" sign in the cabin
  • Autopilot features: ILS, FD, ALT, VS, HDG, NAV, speed, Mach, Loc, autothrottle / Master, QNH
  • HUD - Display: artificial horizon, velocity, G, Mach, TAS, IAS, compass, QNH, height, pitch
  • 2D panel in the resolution 1280x720 px
  • 3D panel with 1024x1024 px textures
  • FMC ( Flight Managment Computer ): - 15 differents menus
  • Gauge of miscellaneous flightparameter
  • Use of flightplan
  • Calculation of courses analogical wind, highlevel - Aerodrome of destination - Follow of waypoints - Course gauge and autopilot control


  • Industrie house
  • Quatar Air
  • Etihad Airways
  • Qantas Airways
  • Air Canada
  • United Airlines
  • Japan Airlines
  • Blank Texture for Repainters