PC Aviator Inc :: East Frisian Islands Airports (FSX+P3D)

East Frisian Islands Airports (FSX+P3D)

East Frisian Islands Airports (FSX+P3D)

East Frisian Islands Airports (FSX+P3D)

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Five places to fly for peace, quiet and plenty of bracing North Sea air.

These five airports on the islands of Baltrum, Borkum, Juist, Langeoog and Norderney are all part of the East Frisian Islands group off the coasts of Germany and Holland.

Borkum is the largest of the islands, located just 30 kilometres from the mainland it is Germany’s most North-Westerly point. Although in the past it was for Whalers and pirates it is now part of a National Park, as indeed are all the islands, and is an unspoilt place to escape to and then spend the week flying from island to island. Borkum airport, which is one metre above sea level, has one asphalt runway exactly one kilometre long and two grass runways just short of a kilometre each.

Baltrum is known as the sleeping beauty of the North Sea and is the smallest of the islands, whereas Juist is the longest at 17 Kilometres and is only 7 kilometres from the mainland.

Norderley has special status with UNESCO World Heritage Status and Langeoog makes up the fifth island.

Each of these islands boasts its own airport, ideal for island-hopping with twenty combinations for different take-off and landing places.

The East Frisian Island Airports have been designed for high compatibility and includes photo real blending with Default and other Global scenery addons. It’s also DX10 compatible.

Airport and Scenery Features:

  • High-res ground polygon included as the base layer.
  • Photo-real layout and textures (25cm/pixel resolution) - Adds realism to each airport.
  • Hand-placed, hi-res buildings are crafted and placed accurately within airport boundaries.
  • Custom auto-gen buildings outside the airport boundary to bring the area to life.
  • Extensive library of airport clutter objects.
  • Accurate taxiway lanes.
  • Custom made static aircraft.
  • Custom night-lighting included.
  • DX10 compatible.

Installs into FSX, FSX:SE P3D v1 - v4