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Cera Sim Bell 212 (FSX)

Cera Sim Bell 212 (FSX)

Cera Sim Bell 212 (FSX)

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If this Cera Sim helicopter model looks like a Huey, that's because it is a Huey! The Bell 212 is also known as the "Twin Huey", being powered by twin engines. This 212 Twin Huey was manufactured for civilian use however but later also saw service in the military. It can be yours to download and fly instantly in Flight Simulator X.

The Bell 212 is a medium helicopter with a powertrain powered by two Pratt & Whitney PT6T-3B engines, with semi-rigid main rotor and two blades rotor systems.

Manufactured by Bell Helicopter Textron for civilian or military use it first flew in 1968. In 1970 it entered the service of the U.S. Marine Corps as the UH-1N. Thanks to power reserves of the Twin-Turbine Engine, the Bell 212 is one of the best utility helicopters in the world. Exclusively developed for Flight Simulator X SP2 (or the Acceleration expansion).

Cera Sim Bell 212 Features:

  • Standard version, passenger transport.
  • Realistic flight dynamics.
  • Original Stereo Sound.
  • Fully clickable 3D Virtual Cockpit.
  • Additional animations.
    • Wipers.
    • Removable doors (pilot – copilot).
    • Windows (Pilot – Copilot).
    • Removable passenger seats.
    • Engine particle separator.
    • Engine inlet and exhaust covers.
    • Pitot covers.
    • Ground Power Unit.
    • Nose compartment door.
    • Faring Transmitions.
    • Engines Doors.
    • Baggage door.
    • Main and tail rotors fully animate.
    • Pilots.
  • High detail 3D model in the interior and exterior.
  • High detail textures.
  • Light Nav effects.
  • Six liveries included.
  • Paint kit.

This helicopter works only under Flight Simulator X.